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Computer Science and Communication Engineering

In order to realize a ubiquitous society, we need to introduce adaptability to both computer hardware and software, and to build a flexible and highly adaptable information processing system. In this field, research activities are carried out organically in partnerships between experts on hardware technologies such as computer architecture and hardware design, experts on software technologies such as algorithms and operating systems, as well as experts on information communication and electromagnetic wave engineering, including microwave and millimeter wave engineering and diffraction optics.

Fundamental Information / Software Engineering

Output of simulation software

Major Research Themes
. Graph theory and its applications
. High-speed numeric calculations
. VLSI layout automation
. MIMO wireless communications

Data Engineering / Embedded Systems / Algorithms

Major Research Themes
. Database systems
. Distributed/parallel processing
. Location-aware computing
. Mobile computing
. Performance evaluation of algorithms

Computer Architecture

Circuit board for an experiment where students design their own microprocessor

Major Research Themes
. Parallel/distributed processing systems
. Reconfigurable systems
. Programmable logic
. Hardware design methods
. Parallel architecture
. Supercomputing
. Network computing

System Software

Major Research Themes(Prof. Sakurai,Asst. Prof. Matsubara)
. Basic research of Data mining
. Large-scale time-series-analysis and high-speed information prediction
. Data stream processing
. Sensor data-analysis
. Web information analysis
Major Research Themes(Assoc. Prof. Ashihara,Asst. Prof. Kiyama)
. Creation of a high-performance, highly-reliable, highly-functional OS
. Dynamic resource management methods for a virtual calculator system
. DBMS memory management methods
. Distributed/parallel systems
. Ruby language processor

Integrated System Design

Design of VLSI

Major Research Themes
. VLSI architecture
. Logic design
. Advanced computing

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Engineering

Prof. Matsushima, Prof. Fukusako, Asst.Prof. Kuse

Calculator simulation of electromagnetic waves that converge after passing through several parallel metal sheets

Major Research Themes
. Property evaluation of metal transmission lines and dielectric wave guides
. Creation of a design formula and a simulator for electromagnetic wave circuit elements
. Development of a measurement technology for a microwave and millimeter wave transmission system
. Realization of greater bandwidth and smaller antennas
. Development of high-performance microwave and millimeter wave devices and antennas
. Electromagnetic metamaterials for antenna applications


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