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Frontier Technology for Energy and Devices

Effective energy use, the development of alternative energies and the development of materials and devices with new functions all play important roles in stabilizing energy infrastructure and solving environmental issues. In this field, diverse research is conducted on themes such as electrical energy generation from large-scale power sources, including thermal power generation, nuclear power generation and dispersed power systems. We study their conversion for use with machines, heat, optical energy, electric transport and other technologies using electric power, as well as for electronic physicality and devices such as super-conductors, semiconductor integrated circuit technology and nano-structure devices and materials.

Electric Power Systems

Wind power generation system for experiments

Major Research Themes
. Reliability analysis of electric power system including renewable energy source
. Cooperative control of dispersed generator and energy storage system
. Analysis and improvement of voltage stability of large electric power system
. Statistical analysis of electric power demand and market price in electric power exchanges
. Asset evaluation of electric industries based on expected utility theory
. Development of value evaluation method of ancillary service under deregulation of electric utilities

Electric Energy Application

Extreme ultraviolet light generator using discharge plasma

Major Research Themes
, Development of a pulsed power generator
. Generation and application of microplasma
. Observation of high-speed discharge phenomena in gas/liquid
. Air environment cleaning using ultra-short pulsed plasma in the air
. Property analysis of pulsed thermal plasma and its medical applications
. Analysis of dielectric breakdown phenomena in supercritical fluid, and its applications
. Aggregates recycling achieved by discharging pulsed power inside concrete
. Activation of genes in plant cells with pulsed stress
. Development of an EUV light source for next-generation semiconductors
. Micro-biological control using high intensity pulsed electric fields, and its medical applications
. Generation of high-powered microwaves
. Development of an educational system using information technology

Environmental Electronics

Plasma plume generated by irradiating ZnO target with KrF excimer laser in an oxygen atmosphere

Major Research Themes
. Creation of nano-structure materials by laser
. Laser measurement of process plasma
. Environmental electronics materials
. Study of natural energy use

Electronic Devices

Preparation of superconducting devices in a clean room

Major Research Themes
, Electromagnetic phenomena high-Tc oxide superconducting materials
, Flux pinnig in high-Tc oxide superconductors and metallic superconductors
. Superconducting electronic device applications
. Organic thin film device applications

Compound Ultimate Function Science

Experiments with nano-thin film production for next-generation semiconductors

Major Research Themes
. High-precision processing technology for next-generation semiconductors and process equipment
. Sub 0.1 micron semiconductor measurement technology
. Super high-speed semiconductor integrated circuit technology
. Low-dimensional electronic devices based on ultra-fine processing technology
. Nano-wiring using atomic scale production technology

Nano-Structure Devices

Prof. Nakamura,Asst. Prof. Yatabe

Experiments involving semiconductor nano-structure production

Major Research Themes
. Study of light-emitting materials for integrated circuits
. Development of light-emitting elements for integrated circuits
. Study of ultraviolet/visible light-emitting materials
. Development of ultraviolet/visible emission elements
. Study of high-efficiency solar cells
. Study of micro-coil production technology

Electrical Material

Assoc. Prof. Kobayashi

Major Research Themes
. Porous piezoelectric composite material
. Thick film fabrication process development
. Non-destructive testing under harsh conditions
. Energy harvesting applications


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