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Human and Environmental Informatics

In a society facing declining birthrates, advanced aging and environmental issues, it is vital to develop technologies to enable a support system that allows people to live safely and comfortably. To realize this system, we need to implement research dealing with people and their immediate environments from diversified perspectives. In this field, a wide range of research activities are carried out with themes such as human interface technology, intelligent control, biological information measurement and natural environment assessment, which cover a variety of elemental technologies concerning human beings, the environment, information, and the organic integration of all of these.

Cyber Communication

Preparing for an experiment in an anechoic chamber

Major Research Themes
. Multi-modal information processing
. Spatial information processing and auditory-visual spatial perception
. Speech training through e-learning
. Analysis and modeling of sound perception

Sound Language Interface

Speech-ART: Tool developed for analytical measurement and visualization of sounds

Major Research Themes
. Real time extraction of speech formants, and its engineering applications
. Sound analysis conversion processes to assist hearing-impaired people in sound reception
. Development of a speech processor in an artificial inner ear system

Biomedical Engineering

Measurement and analysis of brain waves using a 128-channel high-density sensor

Major Research Themes
. Development of an expert system for medical diagnosis
. Measurement of biological signals and analysis of fluctuations
. Brain waves and various sensory event-related potentials
. Study of nerve interfaces
. Biophysics model of nerve cells / neural circuits

Systems Integration

Steer-by-wire vehicle, which is being developed in the laboratory

Major Research Themes
. Study of automotive control systems
. Development of a control system that takes advantage of human characteristics
. Advanced control theory and its industrial application

Information Measurement Processing

Research into modeling of a sound generation process and speech synthesis

Major Research Themes
. Wave signal processing and its applications to sensing technologies
. Computational electromagnetics
. Analysis of inverse scattering problems
. Biological/engineering research into a sound generation processes, and its application to speech synthesis
. Digital processing of images and moving images, and development of an application system

Image Media

Circuits and Systems

Study of advanced information processing technologies in ITS

Major Research Themes
. Theory and application of computer vision
. Study and application of man-machine interaction
. Intelligent transport systems
. Theory and application of augmented reality
. Theory and application of computer graphics

Circuits and Systems

Analog chaos and digital chaos

Major Research Themes
. Design and application of pseudo-noise generators based on chaos theory
. Code design for digital communications
. Development of cipher systems based on shift registers

Electric vehicle

Assoc. Prof. Matsuda

Electric vehicle Laboratory

Major Research Themes
, Advanced Research for Future Electric Mobility
. Feasibility Research to realize Electric-drive Commuter compatible with Kumamoto area
. Advanced Research for Electric vehicle Componenents


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